Intelligent led street lights are changing the future

Cities everywhere are growing wise to the advantages of intelligent LED street lights and the community benefits controls can bring. From accurate energy measurement that saves money to intelligent infrastructure that connects people and machines, Intelligent led street lights, looks at key trends transforming your next drive around the block.

1 Best choice for street lighting management

Intelligent led street light is becoming the best choice for many outdoor lighting management, and rapid LED street light adoption will continue, cites Navigant Research, due to falling prices, increased efficiency, better light quality, reduced trespass and improved controllability. Mass HPS luminaires will be replaced to be intelligent led street lights.

2 Comfortable with controls

Intelligent led street lights are easy and convenient for city road lighting management by internet, it saves much labor cost and become more efficiently.

3 Quick to adapt

Better lighting controls also promise more responsive roadway lighting systems. Adaptive intelligent led street light is the raising or lowering of street-light levels based on the needs of drivers, time of day, traffic and other factors. This first requires street lights with dimming capabilities, as well as agreement around revised light-level guidelines. Armed with actionable information, municipalities and transportation departments can implement smarter energy-saving strategies.

4 Time of use utilities

Intelligent led street lights are even making it possible for municipalities to pay only for the energy they actually use. Street lights with “smart measurement” nodes can measure electricity use with utility-grade accuracy, opening the door to new time-of-use (TOU) billing scenarios that save money and help monetize the street-light network.

5 Intelligent city infrastructure

Intelligent led street lights by connecting people, vehicles and infrastructure and then gathering street-level analytics from those connections, intelligent street lighting can optimize transportation to keep cities running smarter and faster. Technology is reshaping the role intelligent led street lights play in our world in dramatic ways.

SINOCO intelligent led street lights

Intelligent led street lights are changing the future